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Strategic Plan 2014-2018


Strategic objectives

1. To attract and retain an efficient and adequate teaching staff from Nursery to high school.

2. To obtain and maintain adequate teaching and learning resources and facilities.

3. To attract and maintain an student population that is commensurate with facilities.

4. To continuously add value to learners at all levels.

5. To create and maintain close working relationship between learners, teachers, workers, parents and the management.

6. Enhance participation of all stakeholders in school management through forums such as Annual General Meetings. 

Key strategies

1.Timely completion of syllabuses

2. Seek services of guest speakers as role models and mentorship of learners

3. Teachers and learners to work  towards achieving set targets to achieve a text book ratio of 1:1

4. Build and equip the libraries.

5. Enforce language policy.

6. Motivation of teachers and learners.  (e.g  Enhanced Jackpot)

7. Team teaching.

8. Achieve 100% lesson attendance policy.

9. To create strategic partnerships with individuals and institutions both within Kenya and outside in order to achieve our strategic objectives

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