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School History

Kitale School was established in 1929 by the Missionaries with a curriculum tailored to meet the learning needs and aspirations of the privileged children of the White Settlers. The school started off as Kitale Primary, later Kitale School and after the inception of the Secondary section it changed its name to Kitale School. At inception the school was a co-educational day school but later expanded thereby embracing the boarding high-cost status, a position enjoyed by itself and four other like-schools in the country structured from pre-school to secondary levels. The other schools in this category are Nairobi Primary, Hill School Eldoret, Molo Academy and Nyeri Primary. Today, the school is a public institution having risen from the previous Whites-only status to an all-inclusive institution serving the educational needs of all people interested in achieving holistic learning.

As the school expanded it started the Early Childhood Development ( ECD ) or Nursery section in 1971. In 1986, the Secondary Section opened its doors to the 1st Form One students. It was a mixed class of boys and girls. In 1993 the boys were phased out and it remained a girls’ Secondary school under the Category of Provincial Schools.

The school is located within Central Division of Trans-Nzoia West District, some 2kms from Central business District of Kitale town on the Kitale-Eldoret Road. It occupies 109 acres of land fully utilized for school activities and facilities: class-rooms, offices, dormitories, staff quarters and farms.

The school’s enduring motto is: PERSEVERE, which has over the years motivated many learners to be focused in pursuit of an all-round excellence both in class and outside.

In addition the school’s driving spirit is captured in its Vision which is premised on its expansion and utilization of available resources with the ultimate objective of rising to the highest learning institution, a University.

Equally compelling is the school’s mission which aims at molding the leavers into useful citizens of this country. In deed the graduates of the school today occupy enviable and prestigious positions and are engaged in nation building in various capacities, not only in Kenya but world wide.

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